Welcome to my blog, this is where I share my real life adventures online. I don't have a focus for this blog yet, because I easily get bored of things.  So, enjoy my journey and rando hobbies.

"To infinity and beyond." Buzz Lightyear

Welcome!!! Plaid School Skirt & Striped Tank

Welcome!!! Plaid School Skirt & Striped Tank

Hey Sloabie Nation!!

Welcome to a new hang out spot! I know throughout my YT career I've had over 3-4 different blogs; and although I did have good intentions with all of them--they didn't stick.  I think I was biting off more than I can chew, I didn't have much help with the minor details and wordpress.org was not an easy thing to use. I am proud of myself for learning how to use it though. I am pretty proud of myself for learning a lot of things on my own.  Even so, just a few years back--there weren't many great options to host your blogs that gave you aesthetically pleasing results.  I am so glad that there are so many more options today! Hence--the new blog!!! Also the name pleases me! I will however say this, if I decide to give up on this blog--It means I give up on blogging in general.  Yep, I can't keep starting over and not sticking to things--so this is my final attempt.  This one better stick ya know?

I felt like in my past blogs--I never truly found my voice.  My voice has always been altered by others and I think I am at a place where I can finally hear my own inner thoughts. Or at least the ones that aren't hurtful to myself.  I want to finally share these thoughts; popular or unpopular.  This blog represents a few things for me, a place where I can teach and provide amazing DIYs along with my videos.  A market place for future merchandise like patterns or craft kits.  A journal, where I can tell you what I truly feel and why I feel them.  I know that being a public figure has it repercussions.  I still don't see myself as "famous" in any away because that's complete B.S.  I'm just another girl trying to find what she loves doing and paying mortgage with it.  Other than that, everything else is just cherry for me. 

As far as the fashion aspect goes, I find that my style has changed quite a lot!!! It's not quite capsule, but I don't have much in my closet where I am like "UGHHH-- I have nothing to wear." Usually when I feel like I have nothing to wear, it's more or less a reflection of how I feel about myself that day.  On those days, I go make up free and yoga pants for dayysssss. Which, I've come to learn that it's okay to feel like crap and I should forgive myself on those days.

Now as far as what my "fashion" or outfit styling will look like? 

Let me just say that I am not going to bombard you with B.S that is on trend, or shit that looks totally ridiculous.  Well, I am sure my stuff is ridiculous to some--but what I meant is; I am not going to give you an editorial look book while I wear something else offline completely more comfortable. Honestly, have you seen the crap most people wear on their blogs? Trust me, I have fashion blogger friends and I can tell you that they do not dress like that every single day.  Practically and comfort always comes first.  Don't get me wrong, these blogs are amazing as a source of inspiration to curate your own style.  However, sometimes it's hard to decipher what is trendy , what is actual style, and what is just another editorial shoot.  I guess my problem comes down to "Why are they passing it off, as if they wear this stuff everyday? When they clearly don't. What's wrong with the stuff they actually wear to work?" Again-marketing and blah blah blah.  Business stuff. Hey, I totally fell into the same trap wearing things on camera I wouldn't normally wear in real life.  How this world sucks in you in and makes you believe you have to look or be a certain way---that's a completely different psychiatric study that I don't think I want to open up.

However, I am 29. I think I am finally comfortable in my own style and although it might not always be the most on trend--it makes me happy.  Don't get me wrong, I will fall for trends here and there--because hey; what's life without trying something new right? Yet, the stuff I show you --will always be outfits I wear to work, going out with friends or dinner with my parents, whilst I roam around the beautiful city that is Houston, TX. Outfits that makes me feel good and happy.  

As far as my old blog, uhh I have no idea what I did there--but it fucked up. Not sure how to salvage that, so here I am just starting completely new, and sometimes you just need a clean slate!

Hope you guys enjoy this new look!!!

Major Shouts to my friend Jello who is also my Photographer!  Check him out here. We did a fun little FAQ video where I got him to braid balloons into my hair while I was answering the questions. He's a good egg!

School Girl Plaid Skirt & Striped Tank

I think I can finally describe my style as, Chic Young Professional Sports Wear Girliness.  I like to have pieces that are strong; but I like to show my playful side as well. I guess this came about when I realized how comfortable most of my clothes were.  The funny thing about this skirt? I think I got it for like $2.50 at my local thrift shop. It was brand spanking new with tags and all! I am assuming  someone bought this as a part of their school uniform and it never panned out or something? Because I am sure it was a part of a uniform.  The belt is also a happy find, got it from an estate sale for $3.00 or was it $1.50? I can't recall, but I loved it and I really love big southwestern like belts because the leather is so nice and I always tell people to buy leather belts thrifted. So much more affordable and a tad more environmentally friendly.  As far as my shoes, lol don't get me started on the negativity that these shoes created.  I mean, yes I will admit I dropped a bomb on them. In my defense, I bought them in 2014 and it's still currently my favorite pair of shoes EVER!! I plan on wearing these late into my retirement when I get a Harley or something. The problem is, you see bloggers who has a plethora of designer everything and our brains goes "Ugh, why do they have to show off how rich they are?" Then you  have bloggers who buys utter crap.  Like crap that falls apart after a few weeks and then continues to buy more and more and more. Look, I won't judge how anyone spends their money.  Was that judging? I was just sharing an opinion and since I am doing it on my page--my own personal domain; I think I can say whatever the heck I want right? However, I don't really care nor mind how people spend their money.  I think there should be a happy medium and I am proud to say that my closet is a reflection of thrifted, DIY, luxury, low end, and high end brands.  Things I want to make sure lasts until my grand babies fight over them when I broadcast my will through a holographic message....an then there are things that I don't mind buying and letting be disposable.  Again, buy, shop, spend how you please as long as you are at peace with it.  I am at peace with my choices and sometimes--that's the most you can do to be a happy camper!! 


DIY: Low-Poly Deer & Florals

DIY: Low-Poly Deer & Florals