Welcome to my blog, this is where I share my real life adventures online. I don't have a focus for this blog yet, because I easily get bored of things.  So, enjoy my journey and rando hobbies.

"To infinity and beyond." Buzz Lightyear

Suited Pinafore & Converses

Suited Pinafore & Converses

Hey Sloabies!!! 

I've been pretty sick lately so doing anything social or virtually social feels exhausting to me. Long story short; caught a bug and haven't feeling my best lately.  I am pretty much house ridden for the next few days, which sucks because I am pretty behind on so many things.  Broskies is coming to visit next week; and we are taking a family Cruise.  Honestly, if I had known this whole YouTube Ad thing was happening-I would have skipped this vacation and waited until the dust  settled a little bit.  It's not that I can't afford this vacay--I'd just feel more at ease taking it when things are in a better place.  Just my anxious side kicking in ya know? LOL #Adulting takes away your impulsiveness in decision making.

In comparison to most people though--I don't think I have as heavy burdens when it comes to financial management. I mean, I can always break my studio lease--that's fine.  I can always sell my home, fire Jello LOL and etc.  At the end of the day; I guess crying about money is pointless--such #FWP. I  mean, it's YouTube--if you love what you do and it goes away; well that stinks.  Everyone gets laid off, or fired or whatever at some point in their lives.  Just gotta buckle up and find a new avenue.  

I'm not afraid to get a real job.

However, do I want to? Hellllllll no, LOL YT is cush AF. I mean, I might make less than minimum wage--but I love what I do.  I make enough to cover my studio rent and some other odds and ends. I've always been good with money management and I have a savings set aside for the next year as a buffer.  I'm a tough girl and I don't mind getting down and dirty.  I'm not too good for a real job; I mean I've worked since I was 14 (well if people don't consider YT work, then I worked all the way up til' I was like 23 LOL).  I'm not afraid of working as an Uber Driver, Favor Runner, Instacart Deliverer--or so many other things that would allow me to work my own hours while still continuing to make DIY videos on the side.  Will they be as frequent? Probably not, especially since I have a life now vs. I use to have ZERO life on the weekends (the days I usually DIY when I had work/school).  But hey, I came from really hardworking folks--and I ain't got no shame.

On another note though; whatever I do--I need to be able to wear cute clothes LOL.  It would upset me if I can't at least keep my crazy hair ^_^.

Photos by Jello,  Edited by Me

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