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Recipe: Naked Protein Zone Copy Cat

Recipe: Naked Protein Zone Copy Cat

Hey Sloabie Nation,

I've been posting a few posts on social media about how my lack of protein intake is pretty real.  In fact, one day I decided to track my protein intake for a week and I'd be lucky to hit 25g a day.  As a growing female human being, I need around 45g a day and it's very clear that I am not getting enough.  Which is fine, because not everyone hits the sweet number every day right? Not so cool when you've been doing this for years on end.  

As you guys know, I don't eat meat during the weekdays due to my dislike for cooking meats.  I subconsciously am a part-time vegetarian but because it was a subconscious act from habit, I also did not do any research on how to supplement my protein intake when I wasn't eating meat.  I do eat a lot of eggs, but there are some weeks where I'd just grab a Kind bar, coffee and on my way I go.  Other times, I'd be so depressed that I could only drink orange juice and eat apple chips in bed all day (that's another blog).  On top of that, my current antidepressants have taken an effect on my appetite, meaning I can go for hours just eating an orange and forget to completely eat for the rest of the day.

Well, I've taken note of how protein has taken a huge affect on my mood, and depression.

Day 1: I would go all day eating, and hitting maybe 20g of protein or less.

Day 2: I would continue the same trend, but around 11 p.m my body would be starving.  Instead of just getting up to get something to eat; I'd toss and turn around until 2 a.m because "eating after 7 p.m is bad for you" (which I've heard is no longer true?)  So, I'll just end up with a restless night of sleep.

Day 3: I would be too tired to get up in the morning to eat something, so I'd probably just drink orange juice and hoped that I could sleep in a little later to feel rested.  Well, when you are hungry, you don't feel rested even with naps. I'll try to eat something, between the hunger, the sleepiness, and now my anxiety kicks in.  I am too anxious, tired, and panic that the thought of chewing food makes me want to hurl.  So...I pretty much induced my own anxiety attack. I will end up eating something like a cookie or some almonds, then I'd fall into a deep sleep.

Day 4: Coming down from an anxiety attack for me depends on the current health of my body. In this particular experience, I've already messed up 3 days of my health and so I find myself in bed all day long, eating almonds, cottage cheese, broccoli, and fruits. 

Day 5: I finally feel better, and that's how I am writing this blog right now. 

As you've guessed it, this has been happening quite often--hence my disappearing act on social media every now and then.

Protein is a very important building block for our bodies, and somehow in the midst of "juicing" "smoothies" and all of these health fads that has been popping up on YouTube and Blogs---I forgot about how important it was to consume enough protein.  I've been so obsessed with "low carb" or "low sugar" that protein wasn't even priority!!!  I ended up neglecting my protein intake, and it has taken a toll on my mental health and physical health.

Note: How you obtain your protein is up to your own lifestyle choices.  As long as you are able to get protein into your body, that is the important thing.

My new focus lately,  has been figuring out how to incorporate more protein into my daily diet as well as not falling into the trap of eating out all the time or spending too much on groceries.  Trust me, when things are made to supplement other things--the prices on those items are quite substantial.

I've been catching myself being heavily reliant on protein smoothies, but it only works if I have it in the afternoon and not so much in the mornings.  Morning time is strictly for a hardy breakfast of eggs, carbs, and fruits.  The sucky part is being too depressed to cook a meal, and so I just tell myself "I'd be fine with a protein bar." It doesn't work that way for my body type.  I HAVE TO HAVE a well-balanced breakfast. 

However, during lunch--I can have my protein bars and my protein shakes. If I do the shake in the morning, I end up being lethargic and then having a balanced lunch has never come to fruition for me. 

Just a few weeks ago, I had a really yummy breakfast and then for lunch I just grabbed myself a bottle of the Naked Protein Zone Juice.  I can't remember the last time I've had Naked juice, I stopped for a hot minute because it was getting expensive.   When I guzzled it down, I felt good, satisfied and mostly my energy was renewed! 

I read the label, and saw that it had 30g of protein!! Yay!! 

Also, every Naked bottle tells you what's in the juice so you can pretty much whip up your own. It might even be healthier if you use all fresh ingredients.  You know me, I always love to play with ingredients and so here we are with this experiment.

If you are going to try this out, be sure to tag me on any of my socials and use the #HeyKayElle so I know how you like it! 

Kay Elle's Naked Juice Protein Zone Copy Cat

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