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Welcome!! My Honest Opinion On Fashion Blogging

Welcome!! My Honest Opinion On Fashion Blogging

Hey Sloabie Nation!

It's been awhile since I've written a blog, and my last hosting site was so hard to navigate-that I've decided to start completely over.  You'd think that I'd hire someone to reboot my whole page and stuff; but money wise--I guess I'm being a cheap bear face.  I like learning how to do things on my own, this way if something really messes up--I can at least fix it.  When you hire someone, you have to pay for everything to get fixed--and being self sufficient; every penny counts! Also, I'd rather fully compensate Gerald "Jello" my Photographer and my future intern(s). I've always wanted to be a good employer ya know? 

On that note; I've always had this really nagging feeling in my belly about fashion bloggers and as much as I do love them; a majority of it is just crap.  Don't get me wrong, I love that fashion bloggers and all they do; but at the same time--it's unrealistic and being friends with so many of them; I know what it's really like. 

I've gone through about two major closet purges in my life, and after those two experiences I've realized that having clothes just for an Instagram post is so silly!  Not to mention how guilty I feel when I push these products on my viewers for the sake of staying trendy.  

When you try so hard to stay trendy and relevant you end up being like everybody else.  I hate always looking up the next trend, I hate always being on top of thing and frankly--some trends are so Fucking gross; I can't even deal. Do I sound like a total troll or what?

Don't get me wrong, I sometimes can wear some really gross things as well.  What I mean is, wear whatever mask you feel good and comfortable.  Don't spend a month's worth of rent because everyone has the "it" bag.  Or that you need the "it" bag to feel that you are fashion forward.  People forget that one of the most notable beings in fashion Coco Chanel have stated many times that "Fashion can be bought, style one must possesses."  I feel like in the fashion blogging community, or at least the more recognized bloggers--it's still a business.  That means pushing the next "big thing" forward.  

Maybe, I'm getting to an age where I can't stay a lot of Polyester.  Or that Fast Fashion is annoying to me (even though I partake okay?) --I've been there.  I've been that girl who bought a shirt for $35.00 and realized it's no longer cool to wear 6 months later.

This blog, is to share with y'all what I wear when I go to work.  What I wear when I am with my friends and family. Clothes that I am comfortable in, clothes that I've found on sale, altered, thrifted and etc.  Clothes doesn't define you, it's how you wear it and sometimes--I feel like I've seen more people letting the clothes wear them versus the other way around. 

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