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MC Hammer Pants?

MC Hammer Pants?

Hey Sloabie Nation!

I think I've stated this many times on many of my social platforms that I live dangerously close to Target and I also work dangerously close to one.  I mean it's frightening how my Target hauls could easily be done in less than 15 minutes.  Terrifying actually.

Because of this, I've learned to control my impulses.  Sort of, or at least control it in a way where I only by things at a 1/3 of it's price. 

BTW if you guys haven't checked out the Target Cart Wheel App (not sponsored, would well my soul to be) you guys definitely should. I think they rebooted it last year or something so it works so much better.  I've been able to earn points on every purchase and so far I've used eh point to get Tide Pods because I love Tide (was sponsored but genuinely do love Tide Pods!)

Back story on this look.  I saw these pants back in December 2016 as I can recall it was going for $25.00 or so .  I think every Target has different pricing for their stores; even on sales item so don't hold your breathe on what I say! I remembered wanting them because they were cute and silvery; and just really fun.  However, at a quarter of a C-Note--I decided I didn't need them in my life.  However at $6.99....I did.  Yes, I saw them on the sales rack in February and prayed to the Sale Gods they had them in my size.  YES!! THEY!! DID!!

First off, these babies are comfortable AF. Secondly, I know they are a little weird-but they feel very resort in a over the top kind of way. Thirdly, it was on sale! 

You guys know how I love the trends, and I love to stay on top of things. However, I don't necessarily care to spend a fortune on things because girl has mortgage to pay.  So when ti comes to trendy things; I'd rather wait for it to go on sale. Usually by that time; it's no longer trendy and if I still like it regardless of it's state of popularity; it just means I really think it fits with my look.  On another note; I do spend an arm and a leg on my basics.  If you guys haven't noticed; my shoes and bags are my shameful indulgence.  Hey, gotta treat yourself once a year right?

Mr.Dean thought these pants were cute because they looked like little MC Hammer pants.  I honestly haven't seen him complain about anything I've worn.  In fact I am going to try to wear something really crazy to see if it throws him off. Any ideas?

Also, if you haven't read why I started this blog on my "Welcome" blog--please do so.  I have an opinion and a half there that I want to share with y'all.

As always, stay happy and Rock on my Sloabies!


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These are just recommendations and duplicates that I could find online.  In no way am I suggesting that you should buy these.  However, if you want to help pay my amazing Photographer....Well, every time you guys make a purchase from my link; this funds me and in turns helps me pay my interns and people who fabulously works with me. ^_^" I like to be a good employer that's all. 

Chanel Sunglasses 2013: I got these right after a shoot I did with Old Navy. It was my big Chanel purchase ever and a prized possession of mine! I can't find them anywhere online but the cat eyes part can pop off to look like Elton John's sunnies.  Pretty cool huh?


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